When RuPaul announced the winner(s) of AS4


Hello! My name is Joseph (less so Joe, never ever Joey) and I’m a director slash producer slash creative person in Brooklyn.

Telling the best story has been the focus of my 10-year career.

I approach each project with curiosity and earnestness and love a challenge.

I directed a documentary called New York Hijabis that examined what it is to be Muslim living in Trump's America which was one of the top 10 most watched documentaries on BBC iPlayer in 2017.

I appreciate any opportunity to tell stories for varied audiences. I’ve directed branded-content, award-winning broadcast commercials, and corporate films too.

I’ve produced and directed on shows such The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Big Brother, and The Great British Bake Off.

I’m developing projects about subjects I’m really passionate about including LGBTQIA+ representation, mental health awareness, and identity.

I’m sorry I made this all about me.